Benchmark Score for Intel Pentium-D 3.40 GHz

How does your server stack up?

Now you can compare any of the machines offered here at Acenet using our new Server Benchmarks.

Each of our machines are built to spec and before any other software is installed, they are benchmarked using the Unixbench 5.1.2 benchmarking suite. The Unixbench suite runs a series of stress tests in a variety of computational fields and combines them to give each machine an overall score. The higher the score, the better performance you'll get out of the machine.

Server Specs
ProcessorIntel Pentium-D 3.40 GHz

Benchmark Results
Dhrystone 2 using register variables116700145911181250
Double-Precision Whetstone553317603
Execl Throughput4350231168
Pipe Throughput124401154092927
Pipe-based Context Switching4000221124552
Process Creation126152681211
Shell Scripts (1 concurrent)4264301516
Shell Scripts (16 concurrent)---469---
Shell Scripts (8 concurrent)69311552
System Call Overhead15000892026594
Final Score: 970

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